What is happening next week, 10/31?

dear all,

We are a little bit behind the syllabus + given that I want you to have ample time to work on your essay drafts, I am going to push the reading for next week back.

This is our new schedule:


IN-CLASS: We will discuss the Prashad reading in class. We will also watch a one-person show by comedian Hasan Minhaj (“Homecoming King”).

READING: There is no new reading. 

OPTIONAL LISTENING: a radio interview with Minhaj about his show (http://www.npr.org/2017/05/18/528936208/comic-hasan-minhaj-on-roasting-trump-and-growing-up-a-third-culture-kid) You can click on the PLAY button on the top right of the page or read the transcript on the site.

DUE: DRAFT OF ESSAY #2 for PEER REVIEW.  If you do not have a complete draft, you can bring in an outline.

What about Reading Worksheet #8? We will do an in-class reading worksheet.


IN-CLASS: We will discuss the Tang reading (up under Course Materials). We will also watch a documentary and look at some art/poetry by Southeast Asian community members.

READING: Read the Tang chapter (under Course Materials)



We will be back on track with the syllabus.

Please be in touch with any questions.





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