Reading Worksheet #3, due 9/26

Questions for Reading Worksheet #3 are below and here: rw3f17asn

Lubheid [“A Blueprint for Exclusion: The Page Law, Prostitution and Discrimination against Chinese Women.”

  1. What laws/policies show us how Chinese immigrants faced discrimination?
  2. Why did a prostitution industry develop in the Chinese community?
  3. How/why was Chinese prostitution a target? What ideas circulated about Chinese women and Chinese men?
  4. How did immigration officials attempt to identify “real wives” vs. “prostitutes?” What specific questions were they asked and/or documents were they required to provide?
  5. How did immigration officials treat Chinese women differently than Chinese men?
  6. What role did science, or scientific racism, play in the regulation of immigration of Chinese women?


Reflections/Questions/Concerns about this week’s materials?




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