Reading Worksheet #2, due 9.12.17

Questions for Reading Worksheet (#2) are pasted below, and available here: RW2f17


Reading Worksheet #2

Lee (“Los Chinos in New Spain and Asians in Early America”)

  1. Lee says that Europeans had “long been fascinated with Asia.” How did Europeans view Asia? What were their impressions of Asia and Asians? Given specific examples from the text.
  2. What motivated Spain’s exploration and conquest of the Pacific? What site became the “seat” of Spain’s Pacific empire?
  3. Who were the first migrants from Asia to the Americas? Why and how did they arrive?
  4. Who made up the second largest group of Asians coming to the Americas? Under what conditions did they arrive?
  5. Who were los chinos? Where and how did they settle?
  6. What kind of work did Asian migrants along the Pacific coast of New Spain do?
  7. What motivated the new United States to trade with China? How did this relationship affect migration from Asia to the U.S.?
  8. Who was Afong Moy? What does her story show us about how Asians were viewed in the U.S.?
  9. Who made up the first Asian settlements in the U.S.? Where/when were they located? What did they do?


Omi and Winant (excerpt from Racial Formations) 

  1. What do the authors mean when they say “race is indeed a pre-eminently sociohistorical concept” (page 15)? What examples do they give and how do these examples demonstrate their point?
  2. What is the danger of viewing race as something “fixed and immutable,” or natural?
  3. What does the term “racialization” mean? How does the racial category of “white” illustrate its meaning?


Reflections/Questions/Concerns about this week’s materials?


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