Reading Worksheet #1, due 9/5

You can download Reading Worksheet #1 here: RW1 F17


**Questions are also pasted below:

Ishizuka, “Spontaneous Arisings,” from Serve the People: Making Asian America in the Long Sixties

  1. Who are the “social bandits?” What motivates them to work towards social change?
  2. Who are the “talented tenth?” What are their goals and what strategies do they use?
  3. What brings different Asian communities (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Filipino) together under the banner of “Asian American?” Why is this a useful framework?

Precious Knowledge (documentary)

  1. What problems were Mexican Americans facing in the Tucson school system, and why?
  2. How does Mexican American/Raza Studies address these problems? What impact does this program have on its students?
  3. What is the basis of the opposition to Ethnic Studies in Arizona? What arguments are made against the program?
  4. (optional notes for class discussion): What do you make of these arguments for and against Ethnic Studies?

Reflections/Questions/Concerns about this week’s materials?




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