for 9/5

hello! To remind you: for next week’s class, your homework includes 3 different pieces.

DUE: Reading Worksheet #1, available here.

The questions on the Reading Worksheet serve as a reading/watching guide.  Most of the questions ask about the reading/film itself, but please also use this worksheet as a space to take notes on your own reflections/questions– we will use these worksheets in class discussions about the materials.

You can download the worksheet and type in your responses OR you can print it out and handwrite your responses OR you can write your answers on a separate piece of paper that is clearly labelled Worksheet #1.

READ the chapter by Ishizuka, available to you as a PDF on the Course Materials page — the password is on the syllabus. (Remember that you must bring the reading to class– either a printed copy or downloaded to a device *before* you come to class).

WATCH the documentaryPrecious Knowledge, on BMCC’s KANOPY database.  Watch at least through the first 38 minutes of the film, but if you can watch the full film (70 minutes), please do.

To access the film, follow these steps: (& remember that if you are doing this off-campus, you will need to log in to the library site with your BMCC email and password):

  • Go to the BMCC Library Website:
  • Click on Databases (Articles, Videos & More)
  • Click on Video Databases
  • Click on Kanopy Streaming Videos
  • In the search bar, type in the name of the film (Precious Knowledge).
  • Click PLAY.



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