grades + apology + thank you + happy summer!

dear all,

First, I apologize to you for the short notice about today’s meetings- I had a medical emergency. I am extra sorry to those of you who made a special trip to campus.

I’ve posted your grades on CUNYFirst, so you should be able to see them now.  They are also on Blackboard in a column called “Final Grade Total.”

If you have any questions about your grade, first look at Blackboard to check the grades that were entered for your assignments & also look at the syllabus for the breakdown of the grade calculation.

If you had excessive absences or lateness, I may have deducted points from your final grade (as per my attendance policy in the syllabus).  Similarly, if you did not turn in assignments, your grade was affected.

If you think there is a mistake with your grade (such as a data entry error or a grade calculation error)  send me an email request to make an appointment to meet to discuss the problem. I will not be  on campus on a regular basis until late August, but I will let you know when I am available to meet.

I would love to  see you in my other class, Introduction to Sociology. Please also tell your friends who may be interested in this class. I teach several sections of  this course every semester.

I had a wonderful time teaching and learning with you this semester! Our conversations in class always gave me a lot to think about.

Please keep in touch.

all my best for a happy and healthy summer,
Professor Munshi


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