Journal #5, due March 9



  • According to Lopez, why were Asian applicants for citizenship more likely to argue that they were “white” than that they were “black?” Is this a surprise, according to Lopez? Why/why not?
  • On p.66, Lopez discusses the difference between “scientific evidence” and “common knowledge”– what is the difference and how are these types of information used to determine someone’s race in citizenship cases?


  • In your own words, how does Bald describe Harlem in the 1910s-1930s? Who moved to Harlem and why?
  • When and how did Bengali Muslim seamen, in particular, locate to Harlem? How did they form families, with whom?


  • What do these readings show us about “citizenship,” legal and social? How did these different immigrant groups begin to belong in the U.S.– officially and unofficially?
  • What does Bald’s work show us about relationships between South Asian and African American and Latinx communities?  Does this surprise you? Why or why not?

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