Journal #4, due March 9


As you read the Wu, consider the following questions:

  • Who were the “yogore,” what were some of the “visual signs” of their culture, and why were they considered “dangerous?”
  • What were some of the expectations or pressures put on the second generation Japanese (the Nisei).
  • What were the Zoot Suit Riots, and why did they cause anxiety for Japanese community members?
  • What was the relationship between the yogore and African American communities?


Connection to Class + World:

  • What do you find surprising or unsurprising about the yogore? How do the yogore fit in, or not fit in, to representations or expectations of Japanese communities?
  • Are the pressures that were placed on the Japanese community familiar or unfamiliar to you and/or are there other communities that grapple with similar anxieties?




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