Reminders for next week, 3/2

dear all,

For next week, March 2:

*Read the chapter by Wu, from The Color of Success. This chapter is about the experience of Japanese young people during the time of Japanese interment.  See Journal #4 instructions for reading questions to guide you.

*Journals #3 and #4 are due.

*Research Project Proposal is due. If you need another copy of the instructions, you can find them here:

*If you owe me assignments– because you signed up for the class late or because of any confusion caused by the snow day or my illness last week– you can still turn them in. ANY LATE ASSIGNMENTS THAT YOU WANT ME TO GRADE MUST BE TURNED IN BY MARCH 2

*If you want to meet with me about your research project, you can email me to set up an appointment. My office hours are generally Tuesday, 2-5pm.

Have a great weekend!
Professor Munshi




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