Journal #3, due March 2

Journal #3 asks you to review the Smith and Kim articles.


  • Explain Smith’s model of the “three pillars of white supremacy.” Summarize each “pillar.”  Where are Asian Americans located in these “pillars” and how does that shape their relationship to other communities of color? To white supremacy?
  • Explain Kim’s model of racial triangulation. What does her diagram show us about the place of Asian Americans in the United States?


  • In class, we talked about the Chinese Exclusion Act (and watched part of a documentary, Chinese Couplets).  How do Smith and/or Kim’s articles help us to understand how/why the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed?


  • Here is your chance to write about your own interpretations of the reading and the material. What do you see in your own experience and/or in the world around us that is connected to the readings for this week? Do you see evidence to support or contradict what the authors are presenting to us?



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