What is due this week?

dear all,

The snow day has thrown our schedule off and I imagine you may have questions.

Journal #1– which was due last week– can be turned in this Thursday, 2/16.  Remember that you can turn it in on Blackboard (go to Assignments and click on “Journal 1”) or you can print out a hard copy.  Please do not email me your journal or respond to the blog post.

For Journal #2– which was scheduled to be due this week– I will accept your responses to the questions about Race: the Power of an Illusion.  You can turn this in on Blackboard or print out a hard copy.  Remember you can find the questions/instructions here: https://bmccasianamericanhistory114munshi.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/questions-for-race-the-power-of-an-illusion-episode-2/

We will be discussing all the readings on Thursday: Okihiro + Omi & Winant + Smith + Kim so make sure to read them and bring them to class.

If you have questions, email me.

See you Thursday.


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