Journal #1

For your first journal, follow these guidelines– do the best you can to answer these questions:



  1. What is Angel Island and how is it different from Ellis Island? What do these differences show us about the United States?
  2. What ideas and representations about Asians circulated in the early years of the U.S.? Be specific.
  3. What does the title of this essay mean? What is the origin of the phrase  “when and where” and why does Okihiro use it here?

Omi and Winant

  1. What do the authors mean when they say that race is a sociohistorical concept? How is this different than a biological approach to race?
  2. What do they mean when they say racial categories are shaped politically? Name one example they offer to show what they mean.
  3. Name an example they give to explain the concept of racialization. What does this example show us about race?


What connections can you make between the reading and your own experience and/or current events? Name 1-2 examples.


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