Reading Worksheet #7

Reading worksheet #7 questions are below and attached: rw7f17asn


1> What are the reasons that immigrant workers are recruited to the U.S.?

2> When and where did South Asian immigrants first come to the U.S. and why?

3> What changes in 1965 and why?

4> What role does the new Indian government play in fostering science and technology education, and why?

5> What does Prashad mean (on page 82) when he says “[w]e are good immigrants.”


research groups + assignment for next week (10/24)

Below are the research groups.

Remember that next week, you need to bring in 1-2 sources — a citation for the source and an annotation (a few sentences summarizing what you learn from the source).

Southeast Asians/Northwest Bronx: Dubraska, Genesis, Tiffany, Stone

Sri Lankans/Staten Island: Daryl, David, Drew, Haiyi, Yayoi

Filipinxs/Woodside: Charlotte, Ivalene, Jasmin, Kevin

Bangladeshis/Kensington: Cynthia, Deon, Ling, Jamal

Indo Caribbeans/Richmond Hill: Jarelis, Neal, Zhi Jie

Nepalis + Tibetans/Jackson Heights: Gary, Jia Xing, William

no reading for Tuesday- work on your exam!

hi there,

The PDF I was going to put up for Tuesday’s reading is corrupt and I won’t have a chance to correct it in time for Tuesday’s class– so don’t worry about any new reading! Work on your exam. We will do something in class that will substitute for the reading worksheet that would have been due on Tuesday.  If you have any questions, send me an email.

Professor Munshi

Reading Worksheet #5, due 10/10

The reading worksheet questions are pasted below and available here: rw5f17asn


  1. Who made up the working-class Indian population in New York City after World War I? Where did they come from, how did they get here, where did they live, what did they do? Be specific.


  1. Why did working-class Indian men move into neighborhoods like the Lower East Side and Harlem?


  1. What types of “mixed marriages” occurred during this time, and how were they described in the news?


  1. Why role did Indian-owned restaurants play in the community?


  1. Who owned/operated Bengal Garden? What was the significance of this restaurant?


  1. What was the British Merchant Navy Club? How did it come to be, and what happened there?


  1. What was Choudry’s critique of J.J. Singh’s India League of America? How did they differ?


  1. According to Bald, why did Choudry start the Pakistan League of America? What did this organization do?






Reflections/Questions/Concerns about this week’s materials?