We are nearing the end of the semester + it is important that you keep track of all assignments and deadlines:

December 5
DUE: Essay draft for in-class peer review

Read: Mariadson + Wong – we will do Reading Worksheet #12 in class.

December 12 (last class)
DUE: Final essay

IN-CLASS: Presentations on your research (5 minutes each– you can do your presentation alone or with other people in your group)

*I will give the take-home exam instructions

December 19 (finals week, we do not meet as a class)
DUE, 2PM: Take-home exam (no late exams accepted)– You can turn the exam in on Blackboard or in my mailbox or office.


Reading Worksheet #11, due 11/28

For 11/28, you only have to read one piece by Bayoumi — I took the other reading off the syllabus. The reading worksheet questions are attached here and pasted below: rw11


In your own words, summarize the story of Yasmin, answering the following questions: What is the conflict that she faces at school? What is Yasmin’s perspective of the conflict and what is the school’s perspective? How does Yasmin attempt to resolve this problem?

Reading Worksheet #10, due 11/14

The questions for Reading Worksheet #10 are below and here: RW10f17asn

Tang, Chapter 4

  1. Who is Kun Thea, and how does she support her family?


  1. What is workfare, or the WEP program?


  1. According to Tang, what is the “welfare trap?”


  1. How did YLP (Youth Leadership Project) attempt to release refugees from the WEP requirement?


  1. What was the BEGIN program and how did Kun Thea feel about it?

Essay #3 instructions are up…

The instructions for Essay #3 are up here: https://bmccasianamericanhistory114munshi.wordpress.com/assignments/

And, this is the schedule for the assignment:

November 14:           

Do preliminary research to identify at least one group/organization/institution—bring this information to class for a small-group assignment.

November 21:            

FRIDAY Schedule (no class)

November 28:            

Bring in research notes—library research and/or your field notes—for a small-group assignment.

December 5:               

Draft for Essay #3 due—an outline or notes is not sufficient. You must bring in a full draft.

December 12:          

DUE: Final draft of essay

DUE: Research Presentations